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HairGarten was born of a need for rediscovery, finding the beauty we’ve been missing for too many centuries.  Our mission is to help educate women about our hair, how to embrace its beauty, re-establish a cultural relationship, and recognize its relevance in a positive self-image.  We want people to learn what natural ingredients offer which benefits and best management practices to remove the stigma of natural curls being a burden.  Everything about us is a blessing and we seek to rediscover that as well as the knowledge of natural hair care we’ve sacrificed to the salty tides of time.  Join us on this journey of self-discover, of identity. 

Grow with us.

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Una Rawls

Founder and CEO

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What we offer

Welcome new comers and welcome back our loyal customers. I have worked long and hard to make this transition possible . Please enjoy our newest lines and continue to enjoy your old favs!