Carrot Crush Cowash is HairGarten’s flagship product for a reason.It is a beta-carotene and Vitamin A rich formula potent enough to soften and moisturize the driest hair and gentle enough to use as often as needed.This product will strengthen your hair, give it the body and the shine it needs to stand up and be noticed.To use, apply to scalp and hair shaft .Leave in for at least 10 minutes.Rinse with cool water and observe resulting magic. Also a great for detangling.

Carrot Crush Cowash

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  • Ingredients

    Distilled Water, 100% Organic Carrot Seed Extract, Castor Oil, BTMS, Cetyl Alcohol,( fragrance & preservative Germall > 0.05% used)

Una Rawls

Founder and CEO

Welcome to HairGarten! I have worked long and hard to make this transition possible . Please enjoy our newest lines be on the lookout for much more to come.