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LCO vs LOC ; methods of moisturizing

Updated: Oct 10

Both methods has its benefits, my question to you all is which do you use and why?

Liquid Cream Oil or Liquid Oil Cream

By definition, or at least acronym order, liquid is applied to your hair first with both methods. By now, it is likely common knowledge that the old school products we used like Dax, Blue Magic and any other petroleum based products we used as children does not moisturize our hair at all. Those products lack water therefore our strands did not benefit from any moisture.

If your house hold was anything like mine, you were not and I repeat not to wet your hair unless your momma was washing it. Needless to say, our hair was dry, dying and thirsty for water.

Welcome to 2021 where every effective product out there for naturals have water as the main ingredient. It gets even better. We have 100% liquid products like HairGartens two Moisturizing Mists.

I personally like to use the LCO method to seal in moisture. The liquid is what our hair craves however, water evaporates from your very quickly hence the need for a follow up cream. The creams we offer not only protects but they also soften, condition and feed your hair the nutrients it needs to remain strong and breakage free. Not to mention they are water based. The oil for me is the power house of the LCO trio, its job is to hold everything in place allowing your hair to remain moisturized and supple for hrs.' even days if your hair is in a protective style.

That is my take on LCO vs LOC, what's yours? Please share below.


Always and I do mean always follow up any of our moisturizing products with one of our Moisture Lock oils.

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