40 weeks pregnant to 4 weeks post partum

I will share my entire post partum journey for personal accountability and in hopes of motivating others .

During these past 4 weeks I have been focusing on maintaining a 2000-2200 calorie diet with meal prepping. While my C-section incision has healed, I still feel some tenderness at times. I am 100% listening to my body through this. Needless to say, I have not started working out.

My meals consist of quality carbs like brown rice, quinoa, all types of beans and oats. My protein is usually lean beef, chicken breast or thighs ( with most of the fat cut off), eggs, whey protein powder and milk. My fats are typically diatary fats, olive and coconut oil for cooking and a lot of peanut butter. My goal is to increase my calorie intake to build and grow my body overtime

40 weeks Pregnant - 4 weeks post partum

Before my third baby ( after baby #1 & #2 both C-sections)


Una Rawls

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