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Una is the founder of HairGarten, a hair care company dedicated to reconnecting black and brown women with the roots of natural hair care.   Through education, HairGarten mission is to detangle the mystery behind healthy hair treatment and provide products free of harmful chemicals to nourish the hair black and brown women have been born with.

Throughout her life, even before she could identify them, Una has been driven by three guiding principles; community, challenge, and freedom.  These are the three main ingredients in everything created at HairGarten. 

Before embarking on a journey of entrepreneurship, Una lived in Queens, NY and enlisted into the Army at the age of eighteen.   By twenty, her superiors recognized a drive in Una that drove her to exceed expectations which resulted in Una being put in leadership positions, managing soldiers ten years her senior.  Upon her honorable discharge, Una entered nursing school.  She started her last year pregnant, giving birth before graduation, but still finishing on time and passing her board certification shortly after.  Early in her career as a critical care travel-nurse, Una gave birth to her second child and continued working as a single mother. 

By the time her daughter was two, Una had started making hair care products for her family, who encouraged her to sell them.  With two young children and a drive to build something for them and her community, she started Au Rebelle, a successful natural hair care line.  The company closed its doors three years later and Una pivoted her experience and intimate knowledge of what it takes to create premier hair care products and gave birth to HairGarten. 

Now married and a mother of three, Una cherishes her time with her husband and children and the challenges that come with working, successfully running a business, and providing for her family and community.  She believes purpose fosters freedom and finds HairGarten one of the means by which she lives freely.

Una is passionate about fitness, travel, and reading.  Even with her busy schedule, she balances her life to include all three.

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Our name evolved from the need to express the beauty inherent in our natural appearance and the need for fundamental education about our hair care, lost over years of cultural erosion.  And so formed HairGarten, which points both to the basic knowledge we receive as children, as many of us are on this hair journey, and the beauty we can cultivate as alive and vibrant as the healthiest flower garden.

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